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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering to submit an editorial for La Plus Belle Magazine.
Before you proceed, please read very carefully the guidelines listed below.
Do not expect an answer if you haven’t followed the guidelines.

Next Issues:

Deadline: November 11th, 2019 – Expected release date: December 11th, 2019



We are looking for editorials that have a story to tell or a message to communicate.
Candidates MUST attach a text file that briefly explains the story, idea or concept behind their submitted photos.

We accept photo editorials in the following genres: Portrait, Fine Art and Nude Art, Fashion.

– Must be unpublished editorials of a minimum of 7 images.

– Nudity is allowed.

– Team credit must be included. We will not accept submissions without their team credits.

– All image submissions must be made by the owner of the copyright.

Only for Fashion Editorial: The theme must be a high fashion editorial photo story relating to the season of the specific issue (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).

Submission Process

Only submissions that have fulfilled all of the requirements will be accepted.

All submissions are subject to a thorough review by the editors of La Plus Belle Magazine.
Decisions are based upon creativity, quality, professionalism and how consistent is the submission with the issue or magazine as a whole.

The submission of your work to La Plus Belle Magazine, does not guarantee that you will be featured in the magazine.
Submissions will be based on quality of work.
We do not own the rights to any of the photographs submitted.

If your photographs are approved by La Plus Belle Magazine, You must NOT share these photographs (on your website, social network or any other digital or printed media) before La Plus Belle Magazine publish its magazine online, otherwise we will not publish your photographs.

We don’t pay for any shooting or story/cover.

We don’t send free copies of the magazine.

You must be the copyright-owner of all your images.

We choose the cover that we like. It’s not necessary to ask us about the cover.

We try to answer to everybody (even for a negative reply).
If we don’t reply to your email within 14 days, consider it as a refusal.
Thank you for not submitting the same work more than once.

We don’t give Pull Letters.

If you respect all these conditions, your work is more than welcome, don’t hesitate to submit!
Thank you.


Please email questions to

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