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The Magazine

La Plus Belle Magazine is a independent, bi-monthly Magazine dedicated to showcasing feminine beauty through the work of photographers from all across the world.

Our vision is to retain a keen focus; exploring a diverse variety of photographic aesthetics with every issue.

Featuring both emerging and established photographers, La Plus Belle Magazine is a dialog between creative minds from around the world, aimed to inspiring through our high beauty, fashion and artistic global editorials.

We focus on the visual expression of feminine beauty, even unconventional and unexpected, rather than the written word.

The Magazine is available in digital version and printed on demand.


La Plus Belle Magazine was established on an idea of the Founder and Editor-in-chief, Gaetano Pavano, in the summer of 2013.

The first issue was released on March 29th, 2014.

La Plus Belle Magazine has become a bi-monthly periodic since May 2017.

Registered at Tribunale di Caltanissetta – N° 406 of 2017, May 12th.

Founder: Gaetano Pavano

Publisher: Associazione Culturale La Plus Belle

Managing Director: Marco Benanti

Editor-in-Chief and Art Director: Gaetano Pavano

Fashion Editor: Lorena Grisafi

Translator: Marco Stefano Doria

The magazine is based in Sicily, Italy.



© A.C. LA PLUS BELLE – All Rights Reserved.

It’s strictly forbidden and illegal to reproduce all or part of the contents without the written permission of the Editor-in-chief.

All images published are property of their respective authors. They own the copyright © All Rights Reserved.

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